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You care about your kid's safety, and so do we.

Introducing the First Kids Bike with Accident Prevention Technology

Bike Accidents Send Over 200,000 Kids to the Emergency Room Every Year

Together We Can Reduce That Number

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It's incredibly accurate and even tells you how long the bike will last!

Safe to Buy. Safe to Try.

Guardian 10 Minute Setup

Easy 10 Minute Setup

Our certified mechanics setup and tune the bikes so you don't have to. Each bike goes through the Guardian 34 Point Safety Check before shipping.

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The SureStop Journey

Over 6 years of product development to bring an accident prevention technology to bikes.

SureStop Evolution
SureStop Evolution

Watch the video below with Co-Founder Brian Riley to learn more.

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Founders Brian Riley and Kyle Jansen

Our mission is accident-free biking.

Our journey started back in 2009 after Brian's grandfather was in a serious head-over-handlebar accident caused by grabbing his front brake too hard. The accident sent him to the hospital with several broken vertebrae in his neck. We were inspired to develop something new for bikes which would eliminate this accident from ever happening again. In 2013, we introduced the SureStop Brake System to the market on adult bikes by partnering with existing bicycle brands. While getting the product out on over 100,000 adult bikes, we noticed the industry was over looking a major safety issue - kids bikes. In 2017, we launched Guardian Bikes as a safer option for parents looking to get their kid a bike.

We are setting an example with Guardian for how the bike industry can make kids bikes safer.

We are excited for you to join the Guardian mission with us.

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The Next Evolution of Safety is Here

Ride a Guardian Bike at zero risk and we'll take care of the rest.

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