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Kid’s Deserve Safety. Parent's Deserve Peace of Mind. Guardian Gives You Both.

Introducing the World’s Safest Kid’s Bike with the first Accident Prevention Technology

See Why More Parents Choose Guardian Bikes.

Over 300,000 Kids go to the Emergency Room Every Year From Bike Accidents

Together We Can Reduce That Number

The Perfect Ride Starts With The Perfect Size

Safe to buy. Safe to try.

Ride For 100 days To See if the Internet’s Safest Bike is Right for Your Child.


Set Up in 10 Minutes or Less. Guaranteed.

They Spend More Time Exploring. You Spend Less Time Building.

Guardian Setup Step 1

Step 1

Install 4 bolt handlebar (< 5 min)

Guardian Setup Step 2

Step 2

Install both pedals (< 5 min)

Guardian Setup Step 3

Step 3

Happy riding! (forever)


SureStop Explained

The Science Behind the First Ever Accident Prevention Technology

SureStop Evolution
SureStop Evolution

SureStop Technology has been engineered for over 6 years to make braking safer, simpler, and smarter. On a traditional bike, you have a front brake lever and a back brake lever. SureStop allows Guardian Bikes to operate with only one lever. This works by transferring the force of the back brake and applying it to the front brake, helping to reduce the amount of over the handlebar accidents. With the support of sliding technology, SureStop also intelligently applies force to the front brake based on the rider’s unique weight and position over the bike.

Watch the video below with Co-Founder Brian Riley to learn more.

Shark Tank

Founders Brian Riley and Kyle Jansen

Our mission is accident-free biking.

Our journey started when our founder's grandfather was in a serious head-over-handlebar accident after grabbing his front brake too hard. The accident sent him to the hospital with several broken vertebrae in his neck. We were inspired to develop something new for bikes which would eliminate this accident from ever happening again. In 2013, we introduced SureStop technology to the market on adult bikes by partnering with exisiting brands to make SureStop standard equipment on their bikes. After a few years of getting SureStop on adult bikes, we noticed the industry was over looking kids bikes and kids bikes safety. Over 300,000 kids go to the emergency room every year from bike accidents, which is more ER visits than any other childhood activity! We wanted to start a bike brand which would educate the industry on what a safer kids bike looked like. That's how Guardian Bikes was born.

Today, our mission is to prevent accidents, both for the customers of the Guardian Brand and through our partners who offer our SureStop braking system as standard equipment on their bikes.

We are setting an example with Guardian for how the bike industry can make kids bikes safer.

We are excited for you to join the Guardian mission with us.


The Next Evolution of Safety is Here.

Ride a Guardian Bike at zero risk and we'll take care of the rest.

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