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Best Birthday Gift
"Bike came very quickly and was very easy to put together. Maybe 5 mins! My son loves it and we can’t keep him from wanting to go outside to ride his new bike! Thanks!"
Robert K.
20 inch small ethos bike
"Ordered this as a Christmas gift and it was an amazing experience from delivery to assembly. So easy to do since it only requires peddle and handlebar assembly. Colors are so pretty, my granddaughter loves the bike! A super plus is how easy it is for her to flip up or down the kickstand while sitting on the bike and how sturdy that kickstand is. "
Kathleen T.
GREAT Quality Bike!!
"We are delighted we went with a Gaurdian Bike! It’s truly terrific quality... really sturdy and well built... a great weight.... not to mention the brake system. Our son just loves it. Delivery and whole purchasing experience was seamless. TY!"
James B.
Great 20" bike for a 6.5 year old with low seat height and excellent build quality and break system
"My 6.5 year old son has way outgrown his 14" Woom bike 2. I felt that a 16" inch bike would not last him very long and feared that a 20" bike would be too big for him. Turns out there are not many 18" bikes. Then I came across this Guardian Ethos 20" small bike and it fits just right. It has the 20" wheels, a shorter bike frame and a low saddle height. It all comes together to be the perfect next step for my son. He tried it, loves it and rides it with ease and comfort. We actually raised the saddle by about 1/2" above the minimum but there is still tons of height to grow. Coming from a Woom 2 (which was a fantastic first bike) I am very happy with the Guardian's build quality of the bike. The sure break system is an added bonus, it works brilliantly and will keep me more relaxed on steep downhills knowing that my son won't topple over accidentally using the front break. So far I have only very good things to say about the bike. It is a great quality kids bike with many strong points as such and in addition comes at a very very competitive price compared to similar bike brands."
Great Bike, Great Service
"I accidentally ordered the wrong bike and my customer service rep, Kyle, helped me get the correct item ordered the same night. It was such a seamless transaction despite my error in ordering. Thank you so much."
Lester B.
Starter Bike for Granddaughter
"The bicycle was purchased for our 5 year old granddaughter. The reasons: (i) state of the art safety features, (ii) easy to learn on and no training wheels needed, (iii) easy to assemble, and (iv) very attractive and fun for our granddaughter. Couldn't do better!"
Martin M.
Great quality and Loved by My Child
"Easy to assemble, very high quality, excellent braking response. As a parent, I feel very confident in my child's safety on this bike and its quality design."
Christine Y.
Nice bike, quick shipping!
"Great! My daughter loves her new bike! Low enough seat/stand over height. Assembly was minimal. "
Wilton M.
Great product! Great price, fast shipping, and easy assembly!
"My overall experience could not have been better. The bike is great quality and such a fair price. Shipping was FAST! Assembly took about 10 minutes and all we had to do was adjust the seat to my son’s height and he was set. He quickly learned how to change the gears and loves to ride it! I highly recommend this bike!"
Ryan B.
Great bike and fit.
"Great experience, delivery was prompt, my son loves the bike. Quality looks good. "
Rob V.
Fantastic bike!
"Assembled well and superb fit and finish."
Ezechial S.
Excellent Customer Service
"We had in issue with our first bike in part due to the fact that the gear shift was too hard on the Ethos for our lefty to use easily. We upgraded to the Original and they made the exchange process very easy. Our son is very happy with his new bike."
Blaine B.
Best Children’s Bikes
"I had the best experience buying 3 bikes for my grandchildren. I called and talked to Kyle first because I had a few questions and he answered all my questions. I ordered the bikes on cyber Monday and we had the bikes within a week. The kids love there bikes. The braking system is the best!! The bikes look great and the colors are fun! I highly recommend these bike."
Lori B.
Best in Class
"My son absolutely loves this bike. The braking system is really cool, even the bike shop tech was impressed with it. There is not a kids' bike w/24 in. wheels that matches quality, weight and design of this one. "
Brook M.
Fantastic bike
"We love this bike. Everything was great from the customer service when I had size questions, to delivery, to our son loving this bike. We have an 8 year that hated trying to ride on his old box store bike. It was as heavy as he was and he couldn’t use the bad hand brakes. After tears and frustration we gave up for a year. Literally from the day he got on this bike, he started riding. It’s light, the hand brake actually works and it looks great. "
Noelle W.
I love this bike!
"Our experience with Guardian and with the bike has been spectacular! The company is amazing. They have designed a wonderful product and have first class customer service behind it. And my grandson absolutely loves the bike. Equally (actually, more) important, we know that he’s safe on it. It’s beautifully engineered, with safety as the first objective. That is obvious. When my granddaughter is old enough, I will be buying another Guardian bike. That’s for sure!"
Jeb D.
Great quality, perfect size
"So easy to find the right size. My girls love their new bikes and the quality is top notch. "
Kelly P.
Awesome bike
"So easy to put together! Great breaking system! My 7 year old LOVES this bike and I feel great about him riding it!"
Meghan W.
Happy customer
"I bought two of these bikes, a 20 in large with gears and a 20 inch small. They fit according to the recommendations and my kids learned how to break with the hand break with ease. Great bikes. Thanks!"
William R.
Amazing 1st Pedal Bike
"We purchased this bike for our 5 year old daughter, and had wonderful customer service from Guardian before buying. The bike was very easy to assemble and looks wonderful. But, best of all, our daughter was able to pick up riding within 5 minutes! She had previously used a balance bike, but this was her first pedal bike and the weight of the bike and the braking system made it supremely easy to begin. We also had a friend try out the bike and she was able to ride it within minutes as well, so it is a perfect first pedal bike and I would highly recommend it! FYI, our daughter is 43 inches tall and the 16" was the perfect size."
Cassandra S.
Awesome bike!
"The bike is awesome! My son loves it and my younger son wants one now. It is very well made. The colors are very attractive and cool to my son. The bike is well packaged and requires minimal assembly. Beware the box says what it is, so track it and hide it if it is a surprise. "
Tyler G.
20 Inch Small Ethos Bike
"This bike rocks. It is super easy to put together, and when together, sturdy but not heavy. Solid bike that will last. I am happy with everything about this purchase, from ordering to delivery to final product. Thank you, my daughter also thanks you for a bike she will ride until she grows out of it."
Bridget R.
Great bikes
"Purchased two bikes for 5 yr old twin grandsons. This was there first pedal bike having had balance bikes previously. They mastered the changeover very quickly. Bikes were purchased due to dual brake system and overall quality. They arrived promptly, were easy to assemble and and met with all expectations. The bikes were a little over budget but worth it from quality and safety aspects."
Caroline B.
Guardian bikes purchased
"I cannot express our complete satisfaction with the two bikes we purchased for our granddaughters for Christmas. They were delivered BEFORE the date expected and packaged very securely. The bikes are the best quality and beautiful colors, the girls love them! It’s true it only took about 10 minutes to assemble. The braking technology is as promised, super safe. Thank you for a great product and delivering as promised. Worth every penny!"
Tena J.
Beautiful Bike
"The Guardian bike we bought for our 4 year old Granddaughter is excellent. She has already learned to work the breaks! Great quality product. Perfect size with room to grow ! Highly recommend! "
Marcia C.
Building a confident biker
"My 5 year old son loves his bike. We had tried another cheaper bike and found that due to the weight and overall design he had a hard time learning on our slightly slopped road. This all changed when he got his guardian bike, which had a great guide online to be sure we bought the correct size and a weight and brake design to ensure this new learner was able to get on his bike and begin actually riding with confidence within a matter of minutes. This has meant a lot as a parent to see him grow in his confidence and have pride in his ability. As a shopper looking to invest in a large purchase I was very impressed with the company. The size guide online was very helpful and the after purchase support was truly unequalled. We actually live abroad in Kenya and find the bike selection to be expensive and not of great quality. Frequenting the US for business I decided to order online and carry with me back on the plane. However, our business meetings changed last minute and we had to have the bike rerouted and held for sometime, the customer support was very responsive and helped to ensure a personalized experience which was the best for our unique situation. The bike made it safely overseas (the light weight was critical) and we had it in time for the holiday, making for a happy shopper and happy kid."
Ella P.
Great bike and buying experience
"Ordered on Black Friday and it was on my porch the next afternoon. Literally took 5 minutes to assemble. This is my second bike and they have been great. "
James E.
"Excellent customer experience and great bikes. "
Jillian C.
Pay now or pay later?
"We bought our daughter a guardian bike and I don’t have enough good things to say about this company. I called and spoke to a very knowledgeable person about what bike would be best and our daughter absolutely loves her new bike. This is her 4th bike and it should’ve been her 3rd. As a parent I now have the upmost confidence in her now as we ride together. She loves that she can change gears to get up the hills and stop on a dime. Yes, it’s probably on the high end of a bike but after witnessing your little one unable to stop and almost getting hit by a car I can’t put a price on the security I now have knowing she has the best."
Stephen R.
As advertised - our 9 year loves it!
"It came exactly as described and wuthbthe tutorial video assembling it was a snap. Our son loves this bike and he instantly had better control than his old traditional bike. "
Clint H.


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