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Guardian bike
"Excellent Runs great. My grandson is very happy"
Virender S.
20-inch Bike for 6.5 year old learning to ride with no balance bike experience
"Easy order. Fast delivery. Easy setup. Kind of wish we had sprung for the geared model instead of single speed, as kid learned in no time and could probably handle gears already."
Kristen K.
Awesome bike for my 7 yr old!!!
"My son loved it instantly!! Very well built yet lighter than other bikes and a breeze to assemble. Brilliant brake system and provides a low center of gravity. It's so much more stable and easy to control. Top-notch customer service!! A purchase that I'm so glad I made every time I see my son ride it. "
Yevgeniy N.
Grandson's Birthday Present
"Great. Bike was delivered as advertised. No damage and easy set-up. Grandson learned to shift gears in a minute and really enjoys riding it. Thanks for a great product."
David S.
It's a great bike to have
"I was a bit hesitant at first but with the great reviews and all the video out there, I went head with it. It was love at first sight with my son. In short, as long as this bicycle price fits within your budget, definitely consider it. Things to note; make sure your child can reach the brake and handle bar comfortably. This bicycle is longer than normal. Also the top of the frame is oval nor round. So keep that in mind if you want to put a water bottle cage on it. They come with a kick stand and reflectors."
Peter Y.
Great and smooth experience
"We had an enjoyable and smooth experience purchasing our bike. My cousin loves it! She was scared to ride her bike after a fall. Then we purchased a Guardian and she rode on the first try no problems! She now asks go on bike rides every day. Thank you! -Jenna Fleener"
Erin F.
20 inch Guardian single speed
"So far so good. Son loves it, balance is great and so is the sure stop break system."
Matt G.
My son loves this bike
"Teaching my son to ride without training wheels was incredibly easy on this bike. We will be buying the next size up and passing this one along to his siblings."
Mary C.
Very happy with the purchase
"Great company to buy from. I was getting updates,every step of the way , on the product I ordered until it showed up at my order. My 7-year-old daughter loves her new 20 in. bike. Thank you."
Olga S.
Jensen first real bicycle.
"The best bicycle ever, from the mouth of a 6 yr old boy. First day went for an hour beach trail ride, and he was cranking out 12-13 mph speeds and smiling all the way. The best endorsement for a bicycle you ever gonna get :). And yes his Grandpa likes it to, best and easy assembly I have encountered, as promised in your instructions. Gonna buy some more for the next grand kids in line as they get there in age. Regards Max"
max l.
Guardian 24 inch bike
"Recently bought this bike for my 7 year old son. Extremely pleased with the entire experience. It came on time , was easy to assemble and is a great ride for him."
Parul J.
Incredible product
"The attention to detail on everything from the product, to the brake technology, to the delivery/assembly experience, to the customer service is just outstanding. Recommending Guardian bikes to every family I know. Can’t thank you guys enough for a great product, my son couldn’t be happier."
Great experience and easy assembly
"I got this bike for my niece for her 10th birthday and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. She had a Schwinn bike before that she would occasionally ride, but was never super excited about. That changed with her new Guardian! She loves the design of the bike and how lightweight it is. She has also become an advocate of surestop with her neighborhood friends. I assembled the bike with her and she was up and riding in 5 minutes- so easy! Super seamless online buying experience and I was honestly shocked at how easy Guardian made the delivery process. I first heard about Guardian on shark tank and I’ve been a fan ever since. Awesome bikes!"
Awesome bike! Happy kid!
"You get what you pay for. This bike is very well designed and lightweight. The hybrid rear/front brake is amazing. On my sons first ride on the bike, he got going too fast and locked up his brakes. The bike stopped immediately and more importantly he didn’t go flying over the handlebars! In case anyone else had this thought, we got the black with green and blue color. Online, the color doesn’t look very good and has an 80’s vibe. However, in person, the colors look great! In fact, the first thing my son said when he saw the bike was “cool color!” Another thing I want to mention is the customer service. It was over the top! I called a few days before my sons birthday and Kyle helped me look at all options for getting the bike in time. That included purchasing from Amazon or direct and then which"
Stephen D.
"I bought the 24" bike for my son for his 8th birthday and he totally lives it. The process was very easy and the bike arrived very quickly. It was easy to assemble and is very high quality. Customer service was excellent also. Very happy with this purchase!"
Christopher C.
Guardian 20”
"I have purchased Guardian 20” bike for my soon to be 6 year old daughter who rode 14” bike with no training wheels since age 4. She was little scared when she saw the 20” bike by simply looking at the size and reluctant to ride at first. After few convincing words and little push she started riding her new bike in no time. I and my daughter are very satisfied with the purchase. Thanks Kyle for sending the bigger handle bar as well for free."
Venkata Y.
Superlative Product and Service!
"Searching for the right bike for littles is more complex than it once was. Finding the right company or store from which to purchase can be even more difficult. During my searches, I kept seeing great things about Guardian. I narrowed down my search to bikes competing for “safest bikes for kids” and most bloggers praised Guardian highest. So I pulled the “SureStop” lever and ordered one. Within minutes, Kyle called me to thank me for my business and to ensure the bike I ordered was a proper fit for my 9-year old. We went through a couple options for making sure he got the most out of his bike, and Kyle even surprised and delighted me by letting me know they had the bike I ordered in stock and ready to ship (the delivery at time of online ordering was several weeks out). I received the bike within a week. Assembly was too easy; there were several moments after which I finished assembly and thought I missed or skipped a few steps! 10 minutes later (and several retracing directions just to be sure!), we were up and riding! My little went from training wheels directly onto this 2-wheeler. Following some intuitive advice from Kyle, the transition went seamlessly. The SureStop system not only works as advertised, but also empowered and inspired by son to love riding in two wheels. Guardian Bikes doesn’t just sell stuff. They enrich the lives they touch. Thank you for the excellent service, the innovative spirit, and the dedication to instilling a healthy, safe, and fun way to enjoy two wheels!"
Ray J.
Excellent Bike for Beginners
"Bought the 20 inched geared bike for my 6 year old daughter's birthday & I couldn't be happier with it. This was her 1st bike without training wheels. She spent 20 minutes riding it on grass her first day & on day 2 she has everything figured out except for the gears. I was very impressed with her stability & confidence riding and braking. I'm glad I chose the geared bike as she figured out the hand brake very quickly and is very confident with it already."
Patrick B.
Great Bike and excellent service!
"Overall, the buying process was very smooth and shipping was super quick. Bike was shipped and arrived in only a few days. Final assembly was very easy on the bike - my daughter was riding within 15 minutes of opening the box."
Kirk D.
Great Bike, Personalized Service
"Fantastic experience. Quick, thorough, customized service and easy to assemble bike. Very lightweight bike and easy for my relatively smaller child to maneuver. Looks really sharp as well. Very satisfied customer and daughter. Thanks Guardian "
Mark P.
"Guardian kept me well informed from the time I purchased until I finished assembling the bike. I purchased a Backordered bicycle but it arrived a few days early ( in time for spring riding ) . The Bicycle came nearly assembled but my daughter and I put it together after watching the videos provided by guardian. Having the tools included was a huge plus. My daughter loves her new bicycle and it is of very high quality. "
michael d.
So far..... everything as promised
"The all - ordering, communicating online and phone, delivering, assembling...- were excellent, on time, as promised. It is to early to say something definitively about the bike. My grandson really enjoining while driving, he is felling secure and safe, but it is only 10 days passed. I hope he, grandson, will enjoy his Guardian bike many, many years to come. Thanks very much for what you done so far . Ask me about the bike next year, or after two, three years of usage and I will be able to tell much more about its quality."
Mladen B.
Great Purchase
"Bought two of these bikes and have been completely satisfied!!! Great quality with added safety features."
great service
"awesome response time, consider it was Sunday ! Very helpful and courteous - I wish more companies would exhibit the same level of commitment to their customers. "
Alex F.
10 Minutes to set up
"My overall experience was outstanding. Kyle reached out to me personally to advise me on my shipment. I had a question about teaching my children how to ride a bicycle and he sent a video over to me from his personal cell phone. This company is top notch! "
Edward C.
Awesome experience, amazing bikes!
"Everything was great"
Alina T.
Awesome people and product!
"After buying my grandson a couple of bikes that fell apart after a year or two, I started looking for a better option. I’d heard about guardian from Shark Tank. I can’t say enough about the quality of this bike. The safety brakes sold me. The customer service is fantastic. My questions were answered quickly. I’m confident this bike will perform well for many years. "
Donna T.
ALL the stars
"Preordered. Shipped early. Arrived early. Delightfully sensible unboxing. Super easy assembly. Extremely high quality bike. Daughter loves it. Tremendous. "
Josh W.
20in Bike
"Our grandson loves the bike. In fact, we just ordered our 2nd bike for his older brother. Safe bikes and great looks."
Julia M.
Simply Spectacular Bikes
"We just recently purchased two 20 inch six speeds for our 6 year old twin boys and the bikes are very cool. First, the braking system works exactly as advertised which was the primary reason we initially looked into this brand. The transition for both boys from a 16 inch with coaster brakes was super easy. Second, we considered a single-speed but we are so glad we went with the 6 speed. We set the gear on three and turned them loose. They rode around in that gear for a couple of days but a little experimentation on their part and some coaching led them to be pros after a week or so. Third, these bikes are just fun to ride. I don’t know if it’s the way it’s shaped or what, but the boys act like they could ride forever. Lastly, the quality of construction is above what I was expecting. In today’s world that’s a very pleasant surprise."
Patrick K.