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So far it has been
"So far it has been excellent but the bike is a Christmas present and is still in the box in the garage."
Pam E.
Haven’t ridden yet, but SUPER fast order fulfillment and delivery!
"We haven’t actually used the bike yet as it will be a Christmas gift, but I just had to say that I ordered this bike at 3:00 pm yesterday and it was on my doorstep before noon today. What?!?! Guardian has already exceeded my expectations and I haven’t even opened the box! And now I can’t wait to see my little boy ride this bike!"
Fabulous kid bike
"This is the second one I have bought for my grandson!!"
Paul N.
Excellent service from Guardian
"This is the third Guardian bike I acquire for my grand kids. The last one (for the youngest one) is still in its carton as the birthday has yet to occur. The previous one in November was assembled by the 9-year old recipient after watching the video on the web (under the father's oversight of course). I think the 5-year old will require a little more assistance. The kids absolutely love their bikes. ."
Nicole A.
Bought these bikes for Christmas,
"Bought these bikes for Christmas, so have not used them yet, however was impressed with how fast delivery was, and how easy it was to assemble them, thanks to the video available. The bikes appear very sturdy & light weight. I know the kids will be so excited on Christmas day!"
kathleen d.
I bought two 20" Ethos
"I got two 20 inch single speed Ethos bikes for my twin daughters. They arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Assembly was easy following the online video with the tools provided. Girls transitioned from coaster brakes to the single hand brake with minimal explanation. Build quality seems solid. Thanks Guardian."
Bradley H.
20" bike
"Prompt delivery. "
So easy to assemble
"Bought the 24in Ethos for my 9 year old son for Christmas. It was so easy to assemble and only took about 10 minutes. They provide a video link that makes it really easy."
Jason T.
Setup help
"Kyle was great, responsive and knowledgeable. He helped me through a few questions very quickly. "
Marc G.
There is no other option!!
"We recently purchased our second Guardian bike for our seven year old and cannot wait for him to see it under the Christmas tree. The design of this bike gives him confidence and ability to ride with ease. It’s lightweight and the best quality. Most importantly, the break system is unbeatable. Our kids witnessed a neighbor slam on his conventional breaks and he flipped over his handbars last summer. The worry free safety of OUR kids riding Guardian bikes is priceless. We trust Guardian and love their company. Buy this bike!!!!! "
Amanda S.
Great company with great bikes!
"We had purchased a 20” bike for our oldest son a couple of years ago (awesome bike!). This year for Black Friday the company sent out an email saying all bikes were 15% off. We wanted to get the 16” bike for our next son. The sale was actually supposed to just be for 20” and 24” bikes. I called the company and Scott called me and said he would honor the sale. The bike shipped so quickly. These bikes are fantastic and the owner is great. We will absolutely be purchasing the 24” bike from here next year. Thank you Scott!!"
Emily P.
Excellent boutique customer service
"Fantastic! With the level of personalized customer service I received from Kyle, it honestly felt as if I was shopping at a high end store and not online. I had sent an e-mail to ask a question as far as the size of the bike I had already ordered for my son. Kyle called me the next day and worked with me and instructed me how to take appropriate measurements to be able to order the right size bike for my son. He ended up re-routing my shipped order and had me order the right size! My experience was exceptional and as a result I told all my friends to check these bikes out. Thank you Kyle! Please continue providing such fantastic personalized customer service. I wish you the very best!"
Mojgan N.
Awesome customer service
"Everything about this company from the online ordering to a phone call I made regarding additional questions I had (on Black Friday) was exceptional! Shipping was fabulous as well. Thank you!"
Melody S.
New 24 inch light blue
"Have not put bike together yet. For my grandaughters Christmas. I'll give you feedback once I get the bike together. .so far it appears nothing is broken and all parts are present. Very nice packaging. ."
Tim H.
Excellent bike
"My 9 year old daughter absolutely loves this bike. It is beautiful and a no brainer to assemble. Purchased online while I was at work. It was quickly shipped to house and easily assembled and used immediately with no problems. "
Tisha C.
Growing our bike
"My son loves his Guardian bike and as he has grown we needed to make an adjustment. I wrote an email and got back a quick reply with a link to the part. I am not mechanical but I was able to change out the handle bar to give it more rise very easily and now he can ride it for even longer!! We love this bike!"
great bike went together easily
"great bike went together easily and our grandaughter loves it"
cindy m.
Five Stars Isn’t Enough!
"I don’t really know where to start! When I first started researching bikes for my son’s 8th birthday, Guardian popped up on every website. This is a company that ONLY manufactures kids bikes, and I found they didn’t just make smaller versions of adult bikes. The safety features, the dimensions, ergonomics, etc all seemed to be thoroughly researched and developed. I inputted my sons information in their Ridersizer program and found his bike was the 20 inch large. I was skeptical of this because I wanted it to last as he grows, but also not be too much for him. He has had bad experiences with the heavy, awkward bikes from big box stores. So I wanted to make sure, at this price point, I was making the right decision. I decided to email customer service for their advice. What I received back is what solidified my decision! Natalie...she is amazing! She assured me the size was correct. And if not, we have 100 days to try it out and return it. She answered all of my questions, and did so very promptly. She gave me confidence that I was purchasing a quality product, the right product, and had absolute satisfaction guarantee! So I made my purchase right away! Let me say...this is the best bike I’ve ever seen for a child!!! So easy to put together! Perfectly tuned! My son barely knew how to ride and within a half hour he was cruising around confidently and having so much fun! I can’t thank Guardian, and specifically, Natalie enough! You have earned a customer for life and a definite advocate for your product! "
Ben M.
Two happy kids with Guardian bikes. Third one on its way.
"At the beginning of the month, I ordered a 24" Guardian bike for the 9th birthday of my oldest grand daughter. The bike waited in its carton until she came here for Thanksgiving. Her dad made her watch the video and thereafter assemble the bike herself under his supervision. Fantastic. She then took off with it at high speed giggling. Her 20" Guardian bike was immediately appropriated by her 6 and 3/4 years old brother. Down the private road they both went. I have just ordered today a 16" Guardian bike for the youngest kid, close to 5 years old. She has been struggling with a 14" hand-me down bike for the last couple of months. I can't hardly wait to see all three kids pedaling on our private road together. Take advantage of the 15% discount special this week. Those Guardian bikes are so light compared to the Big Box models and they are so stable. The braking system is a true safety for younger kids. BTW, my son had a question on the actuation of the front brakes. He called Guardian this morning and got a truly knowledgeable person able to answer his question on the spot. Perfect. "
Nicole A.
Was hesitant but so happy!
"The bikes were pretty simple to put together. We watched the videos to make sure we were doing everything correctly. We used their sizing tool and it worked out perfectly. These bikes ride easy and I was worried about switching to a hand brake and gears but both the 6 year old and 9 year old figured it out within a few hours. The 6 year old has trouble switching gears because she's little, but I got them so that she can use them when she's a little older. Overall, very happy with these bikes. We can finally go out of our neighborhood and tackle some hills."
Quirine H.
Excellent bike, easy process
"Bike was easy to setup and I am not good putting things together. Bike is light making it easy for my daughter to maneuver it. Single brake system also making it easier for her to learn. We like it so much that we may buy a 24 inch Guardian bike for my wife. "
Joe P.
Beautiful, safe bike, easy to learn on
"It was excellent. Great customer service. Helped us select right bike for our child. She learned in 30 min how to ride a bike - absolutely natural after riding a balance bike for 2.5 years. Also, quality of bike is superior. Gorgeous, safe product. We will upgrade with another Guardian for sure!"
Sabrina G.
Highest level of customer satisfaction!
"Call or email and you will get someone to answer your questions and solve your problems. No pushing you off to another person when you need help. They just do it right and take care of things right away! I hope they come out with a 26" so I can buy another bike in a couple years!"
Dee B.
A small fumble, recovered and taken all the way for a TD
"So there is a bit of a lineup confusion regarding sizing and gear selectors (or not). That got me, so I reached out and low and behold Kyle called personally and helped me understand the decisions that went into the line up and what was coming. And then he helped me exchange and get the bike wanted quickly and easily. And the bikes *are* great. We previously bought a Woom and maybe overpaid. The brakes here really are the business and the bikes and the quality of build and the ease of setup on arrival (5 mins or less) are great. Bottom line, one of the founders made this work and work it did. The kids love their bikes!"
Jeffrey T.
Extraordinary service
"Fantastic. Put in a request and everything was smooth from then on. No questions, just results. Thank you Kyle."
David G.
Best bike ever
"The whole thing is genius! From the no fuss, no guess sizing chart to the quick delivery, super easy set up and amazing quality bike and brakes! Can’t brag about this bike enough. My 6 year old daughter climbs hills like it’s nothing now and stops quickly and easily. Love it!!! Love it all! "
James c.
Great Customer Service
"My son was so excited about the bike. Their was a mix up with FedEx and they still made sure to replace the bike that was lost to make sure my son's birthday was not ruined. Great people and a great product. "
Jonathan W.
Thrilled with Purchase!
"I’m really pleased with our overall experience. Putting the bike together took no time at all and our 4 year old was riding within an hour and a half of getting on the bike. Really, really pleased with the bike."
Katherine C.
Perfect bike- easy assembly!
"We were looking for a “big kid bike” for our 5 year old daughter who learned to ride on a balance bike with a handbrake. She is more superhero than princess, so we also needed a bike that came in cool colors. This bike is perfect! Assembly was so simple, and she is zipping around our neighborhood as happy as can be! I wish I had bought this for our older daughter as well - not having the coaster brake has made things so much easier. We will be buying more from Guardian!"
Katherine M.
Great first bike
"I had trouble finding a first bike with no coaster brake (wanted home to be able to adjust the peddles to get the bike moving easier, and not panic while turning and hit the brakes and tip the bike) and I came across this one. We first thought he may have issue with a hand brake and peddling, but from his first time on he had no issues stopping with the hand break. Simple to pull and only having one lever is great. We did add on some training wheels which was easy, and the company may want to offer as an additions so you know they will fit, but we had no issues with assembly. Well worth the $$$"
Paul K.


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