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    kids deserve safe bikes

    Our goal is to reduce the number of accidents children face while bike riding. 

    Hi, we’re Guardian and we like to keep people safe. Nice to meet you!

    We’ve been in the bike business for the last three years and realized through an abundance of customer interaction, talking with brands, and looking at the industry as a whole, that there is a large demographic - one of the most important demographics for many of us, in fact - that hasn’t been truly welcomed by bikes; that demographic is kids.

    Now, you might be thinking, “What? There are plenty of children’s bikes out there!” We agree, but in most cases they are an afterthought by bigger brands who are focused on creating adult bikes.

    Our mission is to build the world’s safest kids bikes. We believe a bike should be a part of every childhood, but injuries shouldn’t. By engineering a way to make kids feel safe and confident while riding, we encourage them to be active and healthy by spending more time outdoors.

    In order to feel comfortable when learning to ride, it is vital that the child feel confident while riding, and that’s precisely what we do – create confident riders.

    We want to reduce the number of hospital visits that happen due to bike-related accidents. You might be surprised to discover there are about one thousand children in the U.S. who end up in hospital emergency rooms every day due to bike related injuries. This is more than any other sport. It is because of this moving statistic that we decided embark on creating a solution to this problem by innovating the bike itself.

    We are setting an example with Guardian for how the bike industry can make kids bikes safer.

    We are excited for you join the Guardian mission with us!