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Rethinking Kids Bikes

9 out of 10 bikes are sold in mass-market stores where design is based solely on price. Our focus is on safety and giving your child the best experience possible.

  • Cheap Brakes

    Not reliable, slow-reacting brakes should NOT be an option.

  • Heavy

    A heavy bike leaves your child tired and frustrated with little control and balance.

  • Unsafe Setup

    Bikes are put together by untrained employees with little to no bike education.

  • Poor Experience

    Parents are left uneducated with unanswered questions and concerns.

Safer for them.
Easier for you.

Skip the stores and receive a perfectly fitted bike directly to your door with a quick and easy 10 minute set up.

Our Parent Promise
  • The Perfect
  • Easy 10 Minute
  • Love at First
  • Peace of

Safe to Buy.
Safe to Try.


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