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Give them the gift of wellness

Kids aren’t just riding a bike.
They are pedaling toward a healthier future.

A bicycle is a powerful tool for a confident, happy childhood. At Guardian, your child’s health and safety are our top priorities. That is why we designed the safest and easiest way to encourage outdoor play. We’ve gathered a list of just a few benefits of getting outside for a ride.

Physically Healthier

Physically Healthier

Biking gets kids breathing hard, sweating, and pumping their legs. That yields a whole slew of benefits, including a stronger immune system, bone development, and improved cardiovascular health. (Source)

Engaged minds

Engaged minds

The outdoor environment offers a unique opportunity to capture children's attention and interest. Playing outside promotes curiosity, creativity and critical thinking. Studies found that children who spend more time in outdoors have improved learning outcomes. (Source)

Mentally happier

Mentally happier

Exercise is a natural anxiety reliever. Physical activity causes the brain to release “feel good” chemicals like endorphins and dopamine. This means exercise can literally help make kids happier. (Source)

At any age or skill level, Guardian can get your child riding in less than a day.

Your bike is ready to ship TODAY, arrives 95% assembled, and your child will be safely active within minutes.

Why are we sure your child can easily ride our bikes?

Because we engineered them specifically to match appropriate gross motor skills at every age level.

Easier to Balance

Easier to Balance

Our long wheel base provides a lower center of gravity. On other bikes, your child may sit too high and FEEL unstable, even if they can reach the ground.

Easier to Control

Easier to Control

44% lighter than typical bikes and a low step over bar means your child can start, turn, and hop on/off effortlessly. You will be surprised how confidently your child can maneuver a Guardian Bike.

Intuitive SureStop Braking

Intuitive SureStop Braking

Our award winning, patented braking system is so intuitive, even a toddler can use it. The only teaching necessary is to show them how to grab the ONE hand brake, that is perfect for their small hands. No fishtailing, no head over handlebars, no coaster brakes and no worries!


Easy and Risk Free

And we’ll help you every step of the way.

Find your Guardian

Let our RideSizer® assist in finding the perfect bike for you.

Box to bike in 10 min

In just 2-5 days, your bike will arrive 99% assembled.

Quick how-to videos

Watch our quick video for the easiest way to teach your child to ride. This method has worked for thousands of families.

Training Wheels Compatible

We recommend using the balance bike method when teaching your child to ride a bike, but understand all children learn differently.

Compatible training wheels can be purchased here for our 14", 16", and 20" Bikes.

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Please see transit times below. Note that these are estimated business days, and delays can be expected this time of year. We do not offer expedited shipping at this time.

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Bike being assembled

Assembly Steps

Step 1: Attach Handlebars

Step 2: Attach Pedals

Patented SureStop® Brake System

  • Easier to use – single lever braking

  • Safer to stop – prevents head over handlebar accidents

  • More control – stops faster by balancing front/rear braking automatically

Kid Friendly Gear Shifter

  • 7-speed twist shifter

  • Red visualizer to help with gear selection

  • Fun and easy way to learn